Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Oh dear! Bad girl! ....I can't believe my last posting was so long ago! I probably have put you all into hibernation by now....sorry about that! Yes, I have been busy Etsying, making treasuries, painting, shooting and developing new products....but, as you can see, not blogging! OK...the best way I can think of to make amends is to show you a few of the new items I have brought into my Etsy shop....Items that I have licensed the use of on fun things like pillows, totes and mobile device cases. Please check 'em out:

White Dahlia Designer Pillow Cover

Sunflower II Tote

Fire Magnolia iPhone Case

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Want to see more Etsy treasuries I have curated?....if so, I invite you to linger through them via my Pinterest board, Treasuries Curated by artBCJ

Enjoy a little relaxation while you browse around!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

For Mom....For You....For Me

Hi again! I just wanted to share another new treasury I curated with you. This one is full of neat gift ideas for Mom....and all us gals! There's no hassling the malls, no gas or travel time needed....just a nice cup of tea, glass of wine and a comfy browsing chair is all that is needed! OH...and a light touch of your favorite music! OH....and kick off your shoes! Perfect! Now, how is that for pampering yourself? You deserve it!

And while you are at it, you may want to take time to wander around my shop to check out lots of new additions I've listed:

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Amethyst Garden

Oh dear! I know it has been waaay too long since posting here to touch base with you. I keep telling myself I will become more diligent with doing so....but, obviously that hasn't happened yet! But at least the launch of my new treasury this morning, prompted me to get some action going here. I do hope you enjoy this delightful collection of my friends and fellow Etsians in a showcase of their very talented creations...ENJOY!!!

If you have the time, I would love for you to click on the treasury or the title below it to fully view the fun creations in it....and maybe even click the Heart to Favorite it, as well as your favorite items within the collection. Your support is most appreciated....thank you!!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

 upon the hibiscus sun of day.

(Click on image to view larger. Click on link above to go to the live page on Etsy.)

This gorgeous curation was produced by dmers ....I lovingly call her Debs! It is always a THRILL to be included in her fabulous treasuries (that talent is in her DNA!) ....and when they make Front Page ....OH SO COOL!!! My "Misty Spider Dahlia" was honored to be featured in this collection! As soon as I get my first cuppa coffee to working, I will post this to my "Etsy Treasuries" board in my Pinterest....please take a look at more Front Pages and treasuries my items have been in.... Etsy Treasuries. Since there are well over 400 of them my work has been in, only a small sampling is represented there, but you will get a good idea of the beauty of treasuries and how they can show you the joy of quality handcrafted wares and beautiful art where you are dealing directly with the artist/photographer in a joyfully pleasant environment!....and anyone with a camera or paintbrush in hand really is a very friendly creature and loves hearing from you!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Think Pink This Spring!

(Click on image to view larger. Click on link above to go to the live page on Etsy.)

Geeee....I know....time has flown, and I haven't even posted the additional images I promised you for which I gave Mother Nature the compositional credit! And that still will wait for another day, as I am too excited to show you this lovely treasury curated by Anita of Rolling Hills Vintage that put my "Bougainvillea Gold Dust" print on the Front Page of Etsy! That image was featured in my previous posting, so you may have a look at the larger image there if you scroll down. Then please come back to view this entire treasury by clicking the title below the treasury page. Also, clicking on my "Bougainvillea" image...after you click through to the live page...will take you to my shop with all my images. 

You can also see all the wonderful vintage items Anita offers in her shop at Rolling Hills Vintage!

Anyway, THANK YOU, Anita for taking my sweet little petals to the Etsy Front Page!! Since there are 15 million items on Etsy, that's really quite a deal!  = )

I also have another surprise for you coming soon! I almost was going to give you a preview tonight, but decided I'd best wait a few days longer to get a few more details wrapped up. Sorry...I don't mean to be a tease.....hmmm, but then....maybe I DO!   He he he!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Before I start, I want to give kudos to this sweet image for making it to the Front Page of Etsy! Out of approximately 15 million items on Etsy, I would say it certainly deserves to take a bow! 

This is the first of several I will be posting in the next few day that I barely can take credit for as the composition was laid out by the greatest artist in the world, Mother Nature! I guess sometimes it is good to be walking looking down, as there is beauty in that direction, too. I know I stopped in my tracks when I saw this perfect arrangement....a still life of nature. Hoping a breeze wouldn't disturb it, I ran for my camera. Fortunately, it stayed very calm and in place for I wanted it just as it was!

Then the real fun began giving it special artistic touches in my digital darkroom...Photoshop, of course. I love the convenience of not having to mix chemicals and have a backlog of a day's work in order to justify the setup time and solutions used. I can be as impetuous as I want in getting to the fun of working with my new image....Yeaaa!

Who would ever have guessed that an ordinary section of concrete would be a elegant backdrop for these sweet little Bougainvillea petals, but with some touches of gold to bring out the pattern to match the golden glow in the petals, it couldn't have been more and nature-made in one special image. Hope you enjoy!

It feels good to be back tending to my Etsy shop and adding new works. I hope you will bookmark this blog and return from time to time. I am checking on how to let you sign up for automatic notifications of new postings, but until I get that set up,  bookmarking this blog is the easiest way.

This unique crystal is the largest in the world. I have worked it into a photo fusion piece with the background that seemed just the perfect pattern and texture to compliment it. 

Friday, January 4, 2013

And how I started healing? Having to remain in the area for a time to face the challenge of dealing with a parent's effects, it has been of the essence to start on a healing path of my own. Fortunately this area of the southwest enjoys the views of Red Mountain...which often times looks blue...the Superstition (Lost Dutchman Mine) and the Goldfield Mountains, Four Peaks....with its world famous amethyst mine (among the finest quality in the world), the McDowell Mountains....along with the flocks of Canadian Geese and ducks...making for an easy path around the the local lake for many serene zen moments and meditative contemplation. Focusing on the calming ethereal aura of the fountain or any of the features of beauty in the area has healing properties of its own. I am fortunate.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Former Self ~ Goal of Renewal

As this tree stood before me, feasting my eyes on the magnificent art of Mother Nature (just look at those elegant lines!), hopefully it will renew itself to this glorious state....and hopefully my spirit will, too. I wish you all the beauty of renewal in the New Year!

"Battle Worn"

Yes, I have been absent for quite a long time. 2012 was the year I lost my father after battling every second for many months to help him survive a blood infection. After a mind-bending roller coaster of hope and dispair, the battle was lost 10-11-12. So I rather identify with this once magnificent coastal tree...only a shadow of its former self ....hollow ....empty a void ....after a battle with a fierce storm. I know what a fierce storm is all about.

But.... this is the beginning of a new year. Those are supposed to bring about the spirit of renewal ....of challenge ....of a reach for the positive. I, and this once majestic tree, have our work cut out for us to be part of that renewal and rebirth of lost spirit. We will strive to become our former selves in this new year. We can do it.

Monday, June 18, 2012

The Serenity of Black

If you would like to see some very fine work by my Etsy friends, please visit my recently curated Treasury, "The Serenity of Black." The level of the talent on Etsy never ceases to amaze me!