Tuesday, January 1, 2013

"Battle Worn"

Yes, I have been absent for quite a long time. 2012 was the year I lost my father after battling every second for many months to help him survive a blood infection. After a mind-bending roller coaster of hope and dispair, the battle was lost 10-11-12. So I rather identify with this once magnificent coastal tree...only a shadow of its former self ....hollow ....empty ....in a void ....after a battle with a fierce storm. I know what a fierce storm is all about.

But.... this is the beginning of a new year. Those are supposed to bring about the spirit of renewal ....of challenge ....of a reach for the positive. I, and this once majestic tree, have our work cut out for us to be part of that renewal and rebirth of lost spirit. We will strive to become our former selves in this new year. We can do it.

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