Thursday, February 21, 2013

Before I start, I want to give kudos to this sweet image for making it to the Front Page of Etsy! Out of approximately 15 million items on Etsy, I would say it certainly deserves to take a bow! 

This is the first of several I will be posting in the next few day that I barely can take credit for as the composition was laid out by the greatest artist in the world, Mother Nature! I guess sometimes it is good to be walking looking down, as there is beauty in that direction, too. I know I stopped in my tracks when I saw this perfect arrangement....a still life of nature. Hoping a breeze wouldn't disturb it, I ran for my camera. Fortunately, it stayed very calm and in place for I wanted it just as it was!

Then the real fun began giving it special artistic touches in my digital darkroom...Photoshop, of course. I love the convenience of not having to mix chemicals and have a backlog of a day's work in order to justify the setup time and solutions used. I can be as impetuous as I want in getting to the fun of working with my new image....Yeaaa!

Who would ever have guessed that an ordinary section of concrete would be a elegant backdrop for these sweet little Bougainvillea petals, but with some touches of gold to bring out the pattern to match the golden glow in the petals, it couldn't have been more and nature-made in one special image. Hope you enjoy!

It feels good to be back tending to my Etsy shop and adding new works. I hope you will bookmark this blog and return from time to time. I am checking on how to let you sign up for automatic notifications of new postings, but until I get that set up,  bookmarking this blog is the easiest way.

This unique crystal is the largest in the world. I have worked it into a photo fusion piece with the background that seemed just the perfect pattern and texture to compliment it.