Saturday, March 9, 2013

Think Pink This Spring!

(Click on image to view larger. Click on link above to go to the live page on Etsy.)

Geeee....I know....time has flown, and I haven't even posted the additional images I promised you for which I gave Mother Nature the compositional credit! And that still will wait for another day, as I am too excited to show you this lovely treasury curated by Anita of Rolling Hills Vintage that put my "Bougainvillea Gold Dust" print on the Front Page of Etsy! That image was featured in my previous posting, so you may have a look at the larger image there if you scroll down. Then please come back to view this entire treasury by clicking the title below the treasury page. Also, clicking on my "Bougainvillea" image...after you click through to the live page...will take you to my shop with all my images. 

You can also see all the wonderful vintage items Anita offers in her shop at Rolling Hills Vintage!

Anyway, THANK YOU, Anita for taking my sweet little petals to the Etsy Front Page!! Since there are 15 million items on Etsy, that's really quite a deal!  = )

I also have another surprise for you coming soon! I almost was going to give you a preview tonight, but decided I'd best wait a few days longer to get a few more details wrapped up. Sorry...I don't mean to be a tease.....hmmm, but then....maybe I DO!   He he he!

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